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Bruntingthorpe's Cold War Jets - Afternoon and nightshoot
November 21, 2015
Neil Cave of TimeLine Events organised and ran this afternoon and late evening nightshoot with four former RAF Buccaneers and a VC-10 from the Cold War Jets Collection. Reasonbly good winter light prevailed but with a sunset that was barely noticable unlike the extreme cold wind which was very noticable. A scissor lift, lighting and some willing re-enactors enabled a good variety of shots and once again Neil should be congratulated for his efforts in putting the event together for the 100 or so photographers.
The Buccaneer line up left to right: Buccaneer S.2B (XX900, XX899, XW544 and XX894).

Buccaneer S.2B (XW544) is very nicely restored
Left to right: Buccaneer S.2B (XW544) was delivered to the Royal Air Force in June 1972, flying with XV and 16 Squadron before being grounded during 1983. After years in storage the plane was rescued from a scrap yard and brought to Bruntingthorpe in 2004. After four years of hard work, the first ground run took place in 2008 and in May 2011 the aircraft made its first public taxi run. It is restored in the colours of 16 Squadron.
Left to right: Buccaneer S.2B (XW544)
Left to right: Buccaneer S.2B (XW544)

Buccaneer S.2B (XX894) in spurious Royal Navy colours.
Left to right: Buccaneer S.2B (XX894) was delivered to the RAF in 1975 and issued to 16 Squadron at RAF Laarbruch, the first of several squadrons during its 19-year career. This is the most famous Buccaneer, being the only RAF aircraft to destroy an enemy aircraft during the first Gulf War. In 1993, XX894 was repainted to represent '020' of 809 NAS aboard HMS Ark Royal in 1978. Retirement came in 1994 and the aircraft is now in the care of volunteers from the Buccaneer Aviation Group, the only group in the world dedicated to preserving this type of aircraft.
Left to right: Buccaneer S.2B (XX894)

Buccaneer S.2Bs (XX900 and XW544)
Left to right: Buccaneer S.2B (XX900) was delivered to the RAF in 1976 and began its career with 208 Squadron at RAF Honington. It was with 12 Squadron when that was disbanded and concluded its career back with 208 Squadron though retaining its 12 Squadron markings. Retirement came in 1994.

Buccaneer S.2B (XX899) heads the line
Left to right: Buccaneer S.2B (XX899) inscribed 'Sky Pirates' it is painted in 'desert pink'. Delivered new to the RAF in 1974 it was retired twenty years later in 1994. Began its career with 16 Squadron in February 1975 and saw service with numerous squadrons, its last move coming in October 1993 to 208, where it received full squadron markings.
Left to right: Buccaneer S.2B (XX899)

Vickers VC-10 K4 (ZD241 'N')
Left to right: Vickers VC-10 K4 (ZD241 'N') Only 54 VC-10s were built, the first flight coming on June 29, 1962 and the first VC-10 entering service in 1964; they were built up until 1970. The aircraft were used by the Royal Air Force from 1965 onwards for strategic air lifts and some were converted from passenger carrying service for air-to-air refuelling duties. Only Concorde has made a faster crossing of the Atlantic from London to New York and the DC-10's time of five hours, one minute remains the fastest by a sub-sonic jet airliner. Fourteen entered RAF service with the last flight of a VC-10 in RAF service coming on September 20, 2013 after a 47-year career.
Left to right: VC-10 K4 (ZD241 'N').