Flygvapenmuseum     Swedish Air Force Museum (Flygvapenmuseum) 
Swedish Air Force Museum Store
Linköping, Sweden
August 2014

In close proximity to the museum but not open to the public is the Flygvapenmuseum's storage facilities. Access is not easily granted as the hangar is situated on the Malmen air base itself. A number of these aircraft have previously been on display at the museum but were withdrawn for various reasons. Others require restoration but lack of resources and limited display area will mean that some of these airframes may not see the light of day for a while.
Sparmann S.1A P1 (814 '61') ex F8. Designed by Edmund Sparmann in the 1930s and ten were in service with the Swedish Air Force between 1934 and 1945.
Left to right: North American/Noorduyn AT-16-ND Harvard IIB Sk16A (16109 '82').
Malmö Flygindustri MFI-9B Mili-trainer (801-42 '01') ex F5 from its brief time in service in the 1960s.
Noorduyn UC-64A Norseman Tp78 (78001) ex F2 it was used as an air ambulance in northern Sweden.
Left to right: SAAB Sk 60 (60091 '91') ex F5.
SAAB J29B Tunnan (29398 'F') ex F22 and has UN markings.
SAAB J29F Tunnan (29507 '53') ex F 3.
SAAB JA37D Viggen (37449 '49') ex F4 it was the last Viggen to be delivered on June 29, 1990.
Left to right: SAAB J32 Lansen (32541 '06') ex F 3 and SAAB S32E Lansen (32917 '17') ex F11.
Left to right: Scottish Aviation Bulldog Sk 61 (61030 '30') ex F5.
MFI 10C Vipan Fpl54 (54382 '82' ex SE-CPI) ex test aircraft for the Swedish Army delivered in 1963 and in storage by 1972 and to the museum in 1980. However the prject was revived by Rhein-Flugzeugbau GmbH (RFB) with a new engine and appeared at the 1993 Paris Air Show but was returned to the museum in 1994 when no orders could be found.
MBB Bolkow Bo-105 / Hkp9 (?) ex F 17.
Left to right: de Havilland Sk28C Vampire T.55 (28451 '81') ex F5.
Gloster Meteor T.7 (SE-CAS ex WF833) ex Svenska Flygtjanst AB.

Museum restoration area
At the time of my first visit in June 2013 museum workers were preparing the Tp85 Pembroke for restoration after it had been on display outside the museum for decades. Paint, oil and grease were being removed by chemicals and pressure washed away to leave the natural bare metal. Such was the friendliness of the museum staff, work stopped to allow me to ask about their project and to enable me to take these images. Thank you.
Left to right: Percival Pembroke / Tp85 (83008 '85') in F13 markings.
Outside the museum in the restoration area in August 2014.
Left to right:Sud Aviation SE.3130 Alouette II / Hkp2 (02201 '01') in Swedish Army markings and previously at Västerås.
SAAB J29A Tunnan (29171 'L') in F13 markings ex storage hangar.
SAAB J32E Lansen (?) front section only.