RAF Lossiemouth
January 2008
A brief visit at first light to an old hunting ground produced some pleasing shots. The Tornados started to depart around 8:30 and the sun was barely up. The light was amazing switching on and off as a number of squalls of snow swept across the airfield. 
Departing Tornado in the early morning sun.
Left to right: Tornado GR.4 (ZD812 '104') of 15(R) Squadron leads out two other Tornados. Unmarked Tornado GR4 (ZA541 '034') is just entering the runway. 
Left to right: Tornado GR.4 (ZA458 '024') in 31 Squadron markings and Tornado GR.4 (ZG756 'BX') in special 14 Squadron anniversary markings.
Returning Tornado GR.4A pair (ZA395 '009' and ZA398 '010') in bright sharp sunlight.
Left to right: Tornado GR.4 (ZA398 '010') in 31 Squadron markings, Tornado GR.4 ZA601 '066-AJ-G') of 617 Squadron and Tornado GR.4 pair (ZA459 '024' and ZA412 '017') in 31 and 15 Squadron markings.