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Military Mountain Flying Training
Snowdonia Rotary MFTA

Esk 722 AW101 Merlin Mk.512
April 2018
Flying training in the Snowdonia Rotary - Mountain Flying Training Area (MFTA)
The Royal Danish Air Force (Kongelige Danske Flyvevåben) Eskadrille 722 (722 Squadron) relocated to Karup in January 2004 to form Helicopter Wing Karup. In January 2006 the squadron received the first of 14 AgustaWestland AW101 (previously EH101) Merlin Mk.512 helicopters (serials M-501 to M-520). The order had consisted of eight Search And Rescue (SAR) Merlins and six Tactical Troop Transport (TTT) Merlins, externally similar the helicopter has different equipment fits and seating arrangements. The Troop Transport version has an additional Terma ALQ-213 self -protection package including Tactical Threat Displays, Advanced Counter Measure Dispensers and Missile Warning Sensors, which was first installed for their deployment to Afghanistan in 2011 along with door mounted guns. During the delivery period they operated six former RAF Merlin HC.1s before their replacements were completed in 2010. Esk 722 although based at Karup has detachments at Skrydstrup, København/Roskilde, Bornholm/Rønne and Ålborg.
This mountain flying training prepares air crews for participating in the NATO exercise TRIDENT JUNCTURE which is taking place in Norway later this year.
Royal Danish Air Force Merlin (M-516) operating in 'x-ray' within the Snowdonia Mountain Flying Training Area.
Left to right: Royal Danish Air Force Merlin (M-516) was using callsign 'Danish 3175' or 'Danish 3176'
Royal Danish Air Force Merlin (M-516) with Eskadrille 722 based at Karup.
Royal Danish Air Force Merlin (M-516) air crew are all looking out to guide the pilot to the landing point
The Merlin circled around to check out the landing area, eventually they made their final approach and landed.
Royal Danish Air Force Merlin (M-516) on approach to the landing zone, it has been fitted with the MX-15 FLIR camera under the nose.
Royal Danish Air Force Merlin (M-516).
Left to right:
Royal Danish Air Force Merlin (M-516) dropping on to the remote landing point.
Royal Danish Air Force Merlin (M-516).