Cold War Relics in Poland
October 2009
Malbork Air Base (22 Baza Lotnicza)
On the gate at Malbork Air Base Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-21M ('2001' really 1909 c/n 961909)
Left to right: On guard at the gate of Malbork Air Base MiG-21M (marked '2001' really 1909). In open storage on base MiG-21UM 'Mongol' (9323, 9317 and 9298). MiG-21UM (9323 x2).   
Left to right: MiG-21UMs (9298 x2 and 9317).  
Stored MiG-21UM 'Mongol' (9317) awaiting disposal with the national markings painted out

Malbork Barracks (In Malbork town but part of the administrative section of the air base)
Left to right: PZL-Mielec TS-11 Iskra (0510 marked 1H 0510 '8') and MiG-21 with serial (9106 c/n 969106) removed and '41 plm' painted on left side of nose only in the parade ground.
Left to right: Lim-2 (painted with '1952' on right side and '2002' on left side) in Pila town centre at ul Dzieci Polskich .
Lim-2 ('107') ex Polish Air Force on display at a military memorial in the town of Grudziadz.
Still active PZL-Swidnik Mi-2 Hoplite (SP-STD) at a civil airfield north of Grudziadz.