Söderhamn F15 Flygmuseum  
F15 Flight Museum
Söderhamn Flygmuseum
July 2013

This is a small museum is run by volunteers from the F 15 Wing Comrade Club. All the aicraft appear to have had some connection with F 15 Wing which operated their final aicraft the SAAB AJS37 and SK37 Viggen until 1998. While the exhibits are well cared for they are surrounded by all sorts of related material and artifacts which make photographing the aicraft inside a photographer's nightmare.

From June to August it is open daily at all other times it is open on Sundays only. For more accurate information consult the museum's website.

Left: View from the entrance of the aircraft exhibition hall.
Former F15 Wing SAAB AJ37 Viggen (37009 '09') outside the museum entrance
Left to right: SAAB AJ37 Viggen (37009 '09').
Left to right: SAAB J32E Lansen (32530 '14') and Agusta Bell Hkp3B (03423 '93').
Left to right: SAAB J21A-3 (21311 'A') and SAAB J29F Tunnan (29666 'T').
Left to right: de Havilland J28B Vampire ('28391' really 28219 'I'), SAAB A32A Lansen (32085 'H') and SAAB Sk50 Safir (50006 '83').
Left to right: SAAB AJS37 Viggen (37056 '16') and Sk37 Viggen (37805 '65').
Left to right: Scottish Aviation Sk 61A Bulldog (61015 '15') and SAAB Sk 60E (60145 '145').