41(R) Squadron
In Action
41(F) Squadron - RAF Coltishall
The Jaguar Days at RAF Coltishall with 41(F) Squadron before its disbandment on March 31, 2006.
Jaguar GR.3A (XZ394 'FG') at low-level in the Lake District in June 2005.
low-flying in the Lakes on consecutive days was Jaguar GR.3A (XZ394 'FG') and Jaguar T.4 (XX150 'FY') in June, 2005.
Left to right: In their final display year, the RAF Jaguar GR.3As were resplendent in two special colour schemes. The 41(F) Squadron special scheme aircraft (XZ103 'FP') was flown at RIAT Fairford in July 2005.
41(F) Squadron GR.3A Jaguars (XX752 'FC', two of XZ104 'FM' and XX835 'FY') depart Coltishall. The two-seat Jaguar T.4 (XX835 'FY') is typical of all T.4 departures in venting out surplus fuel from the nozzle at the rear.
Left to right: 41(F) Squadron Jaguars (T.4 XX835 'FY' and GR.3As XZ118 'FF' and two of XZ355 'FJ'), returning in gusting cross-winds, note the one wheel landing in the second image. This is not so hairy as it looks. Landing with one wing low for some aircraft types is the approved crosswind landing technique. It helps the pilot maintain the centreline, avoid sideways drifting and reduce side loads on the undercarriage legs. Where objects under the wings may strike the ground a crab technique is employed.
Left to right: 41(F) Squadron GR.3A Jaguars return (two images of XZ104 'FM' and XZ106 'FR').