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In Action
4(Reserve) Squadron when at RAF Wittering
Following the Basic Fast-Jet Training (BFJT) course on the Tucano at RAF Linton RAF and Royal Navy students move to RAF Valley for a year to complete Advanced and Tactical Fast Jet training on the Hawk. Graduate students are accepted at the Harrier OCU at RAF Wittering with 20(Reserve) Squadron on the Harrier T.10 for Operational Flying Training (OFT). After completing their time with 20(R) they move the short distance to RAF Cottesmore and Joint Force Harrier (JFH) to fly the Harrier GR.7/GR.9. RAF pilots will transfer to either 1(Fighter) or 4(Army Co-operation) Squadron's and the RN pilots to 800 or 801 Squadron of the Naval Strike Wing (NSW) which is part of JFH. The NSW operate from either onboard an Invincible class aircraft carrier or from an airfield.
4 (AC) Squadron were training during the summer of 2007 on AN/AAQ-33 Sniper targeting pod which offers improved performance over the Thermal Imaging Airborne Laser Designator (TIALD).

Left: When 233 Operational Conversion Unit (OCU) was first formed at RAF Pembrey on September 1, 1942, the Squadron’s Welsh Wildcat emblem was chosen as it was the crest of the ancient local Borough of Kidwelly, the nearest town to the airfield. The black Welsh Wildcat on a blue background was carried forward by 20 (Reserve) in 1973 when it became the Harrier OCU.  IV (Reserve) Squadron also applied the badge to their Harriers when 20 (R) Squadron disbanded on March 31, 2010 and they took over as the Harrier OCU.

On March 31, 2010 4(AC) Squadron disbanded at RAF Cottesmore. 4(Reserve) Squadron reformed at RAF Wittering as the Operational Conversion Unit (OCU), replacing 20(R) Squadron which disbanded at that time.
Under the Strategic Defence and Security Review announced in October 2010 4(R) Squadron aircraft moved to RAF Cottesmore on December 10, 2010. The Harrier's retirement took place on December 15, 2010.

Air to Air Action
BAe Harrier GR.7A (ZG471 '61A') when participating in exercise 'Swift Panther' on May 31, 2006 shortly after receiving fuel from 101 Squadron VC-10 K.3.
Left to right: Harrier GR.7A (ZG471 '61A') in May 2006.
Left to right: Harrier GR.7A (ZD348 '15A')  during Ex Swift Panther in May 2006.
Harrier GR.7 (ZD430 '39') in 2004. Harrier GR.7 (ZD352 '19') during Ex Swift Panther in May 2006.

low-Flying Action
Harrier GR.9 (ZD438 '50') one of a pair at low-level in mid-Wales in May 2010
Left to right: Harrier GR.9 (ZD468 '58') in IV(R) markings it was using callsign 'Cott 01' in October 2010. Harrier T.12 (ZH661 '109') it is now unmarked but with 4(R) Squadron in mid Wales in June 2010.   
Harrier GR.7 (ZD438 '50') was just one of three, the other two flew high and wide in August 2005.
Harrier GR.9 (ZG862 '94') low-flying in the Lake District in November 2006.
Harrier GR.9 (ZD438 '50') one of a pair it was still in its old 4(AC) Squadron markings in May 2010.

Cottesmore Action
Harrier GR.9 (ZG858) with a 4(R) Squadron special tail on approach just before sunset, December 13, 2010
Left to right: Harrier GR.9 (ZG858) with a 4(R) Squadron special tail with '1970 to 2010' added in December 2010.
Left to right: Harrier T.12A (ZH665 '113') and Harrier T.10 (ZH657 '105') taxiing out for the final flypast on December 15, 2010.
Harrier GR.9 (ZD379 '27') returning to base with an inert Paveway III Laser Guided Bomb (LGB).
Left to right: Harrier GR.9 (ZD435 '47') of 4(AC) Squadron which was doing a few circuits and hovers.
Left to right: Harrier GR.9 (ZD435 '47') on its second sortie of the afternoon as the sun was setting followed by Harrier GR.7A (ZD431 '43A') in December 2008.
Left to right: Harrier GR.7 (ZD410) in 4(AC) Squadron's special 95th Anniversary scheme; '95 1912-2007' in December 2007.
Left to right: Harrier GR.9 (ZD379 '27') it's 4(AC) Squadron markings removed. It is carrying a Raytheon Paveway III Precision 1,000 lb (454kg) Laser Guided Bomb on the port wing and a 1,000 lb dumb bomb on the other side in December 2007.
Harrier GR.7 (ZD409 '38') leading out a two-ship.
Left to right: Harrier GR.9 (ZD378 '26') with mission markings from Afghanistan and GR.9 (ZG501) in 4(AC) Squadron's special scheme in March 2010.
Harrier GR.9 (ZG858) of 4(R) Squadron at RIAT in July 2010.

Wittering Action
Harrier GR.9 (ZD321 '02') when with 4(R) Squadron at Wittering in November 2010.
Left to right: Harrier GR.9 (ZD321 '02') and Harrier T.12 (ZH659 '107') at Wittering in November 2010.
Left to right: Harrier GR.9 (ZD352 '19' and ZG858) which took off side by side using the runway and parallel taxiway. ZG858 has the 4(R) Squadron special tail with '1970 - 2010'.
Harrier T.12 (ZH659 '107') in December 2010.     
Left to right: Harrier T.12 (ZH664 '112') and Harrier GR.9 (ZD321 '02') in December 2010.