Aircraft Relics in Switzerland
2004 - 2016
Left to right: deHavilland Vampire FB.6 (J-1176) preserved after applying a bizarre paint scheme at a childrns play area in the centre of Martigny. September 2016
Left to right: deHavilland Venom FB.50 (J-1544) at a military centre in Grandvillard in September 2016.
deHavilland Venom FB.50 (J-1627) at Bex airfield in September 2016.
Dassault Mirage IIIRS (J-2114) and Hawker Hunter F.58 (J-4100) outside Sion air base in September 2016.

Left to right: Mirage IIIS (J-2313) at Stans in October 2004
Mirage IIIS (J-2324) at Payerne in October 2004 and February 2010
Mirage IIIS (J-2332) at Estavayer motorway service station near Payerne, October 2004.
Left to right: Venom FB.50 (J-1639) erected on the roof it swings around as a weather vane, it is adjacent a museum of artifacts at a Honda garage at Langenthal, October 2004.
Five dismantled Venom FB.50s (J-1503, J-1535, J1579, J-1640 and J-1643) were found after considerable effort in the home of an aircraft trader near to Niederbipp, the aircraft which had been bought in an auction some years earlier were soon sold after out visit and they moved on. October 2004.

Left to right: Lockheed F-104S-ASA Starfighter (MM6830) in its new 'Breitling colour scheme outside the entrance to Grenchen airfield, October 2004.
de Havilland DH.110 Vampire FB.6 (J-1134) at the Renault garage outside Payerne town, February 2010.   
Left to right: Vampire FB.6 (J-1156) outside the Musée de l'Aviation Militaire de Payerne close to the main gate at Payerne Air Base, February 2010.