RNAS Predannack  
RNAS Culdrose
July 2008
This is a photo-report using images taken during a visit to Royal Navy Air Station (RNAS) Culdrose in July 2008.
824 Naval Air Squadron (NAS) 
Left to right: Merlin HM.1 (ZH836 '87''Gareth', ZH839 '83' 'Guinevere', ZH842 '88' 'Lamorak' and ZH861 '84' 'Gawaine').
Left to right: Merlin HM.1 (ZH861 '84' 'Gawaine' and ZH841 '82' 'Bors').

771 NAS
Left to right: Sea King HU.5 (ZA134/- and ZA167 '22').

750 NAS
Left to right: Jetstream T.2 (XX486 'CU-567' and XX484 'CU-566').

Left to right: Merlin (ZH852 '39') in the Merlin Depth Maintenance Facility (Agusta-Westland 1 MOS).
849 NAS
Merlin HM.1 (ZH846 '00').
820 NAS
Merlin HM.1 (ZH829 'CU').
829 NAS
Sea King ASaC.7 (ZE422 '92').

792 NAS
Left to right: Mirach 100/5 (ZJ587) which was in Italian Air Force markings. The Mirach 100/5 is an aerial target and part of a multi-role threat simulation system. It has an endurance of 90 minutes and maximum speed of 0.85 mach.

School of Aircraft Handling (SAH) - Royal Naval School of Flight Deck Operations (RNSFDO)
Left to right: Sea Harrier FA.2s (ZH798 '98', ZH797 'DD-97' and XZ440 'DD-40') with Sea King HAS.5 (XV657 '32')
Left to right: Sea Harrier FA.2 (ZH803 'DD-03') with Sea Harrier T.8 (ZB603 'DD-T03'), Sea Harrier T.8 (ZD990 'DD-T90') and Sea Harrier FA.2 (ZE690 'DD-90'). On base but away from SAH was Sea Harrier FA.2 (ZH813 '13').