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UK Low Level Photographic Logs   (Updated February 8, 2018)

Low Level Flying Photography

Low-Flying - An Essential but Perishable Skill

Salisbury Plain Training Area (SPTA)   (Updated February 3, 2018)

Mountain Flying Training Area (MFTA)  

Aircraft using the United Kingdom Low-Fly System

Fast Jets and Long Lenses - Forces TV

Exercise Virgo

The Royal Norwegian and Swiss Air Forces trained their respective Special Forces using the (FIBUA) Military Training Village at Copehill Down. Read more >
Air to Air    

Air to Air Academy
Air to air photography is the greatest desire of every serious aviation photographer, with the opportunities so scarce very few people ever get the chance to experience it... Read more >
Gazelle Squadron display teamRNLAF F-16 Demo Team

Flying with warbirds Hunter,   Skyraider,   Avenger
CanberraOV-10B Bronco,   Jet Provost

Flying with the Centro di Volo a Vela
Guidonia, Italy

Flying with the USAF KC-135s 50th,
F15E Strike EagleF-22 Raptor

Flying with the RAF JaguarHarrierTornado F.3 & Nimrod
VC-10 at 40VC-10 90thTornado GR.4Typhoon &  E-3D

Flying with the BBMF,  
Flying with the Gripen
Base Visits and Exercises   
Exercise Scotnite 2017  (New December 11, 2017)
RAF Lossiemouth, November 2017

NAS Lemoore  (New December 3, 2017)
California, October 2017

Mirage 2000Ns of EC 02.004 
Istres-Le Tubé, August, 2017

Exercise Iniohos 2017
Andravida, Greece, April, 2017

Italian Air Force Tornados 
6° Stormo, Ghedi, March, 2017

Gripens Look East
Historically Sweden has been a neutral country however its people are very aware that a robust military is required to deter potential aggressors and to defend the nation. Read more >
Air Shows    

An evening with 'Just Jane'
The venue for the evening and night photo shoot of an Avro Lancaster was an original wartime airfield of East Kirkby.....
Read more >
St.Stephan, Switzerland, August 27, 2016

Miramar air show
MCAS Miramar, California, October 3-4, 2015

Eastbourne air show
Beachy Head August 2016

Meeting de l'air

BA116 Luxeuil, France June 28-29 2015

Vulcan display
Welshpool June 2015
Classic Aircraft and Fly-Ins     

Martin Mars water bombers 
Sproat Lake, Vancouver Island, BC
September, 2015

deHavilland Moth Club fly-in 
Shuttleworth Trust, Old Warden
July 31, 2016

Museums, Wrecks and Relics   

655 Maintenance and Preservation Society
July 2017

Volandia Museum
Milan, Italy
March 8, 2017

UK Squadron / Wing Galleries and Reports
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