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Hellenic Air Force Museum (Helliniki Aeroporia Moussio)
Dekelia Air Force Base, Tatoi, Greece

September 2010

The Hellenic Air Force Museum is found within Dekelia air base and only accessible by appointment.
Grumman HU-16B Albatross (51-7190 '190') outside the museum hangar
Left to right: Henri Mignet HM-14 Pou du Ciel 'Flying Flea' (unmarked). The original HM-14 'Flying Flea', designed in 1934 by Henri Mignet was probably the first home-built to be offered to the public for home construction. Following a number of fatal accidents and the discovery of aerodynamic design errors the French authorities banned it from flying in 1936, the British authorities following suit in 1937. The HM-293 was more streamlined and had a more powerful engine than the original HM.14 and many were sold as home-builds in the 1960s.
de Havilland DH-82A Tiger Moth (T-6776).
North American T-6G Texan (49-3424).
Bristol Blenheim IV (L9044).

Left to right: Curtis SB2C-5 Helldiver (83321 '3321').   
Left to right: Republic F-84F Thunderstreak (painted as '26595' reported as 52-6361), Republic F-84G Thunderjet ('998' really 51-10822), Republic RF-84F Thunderflash (17011) and North American F-86D Sabre (52-10067 'FU-067').
Left to right: Canadair CL-13 Sabre 2 (F-86E) painted as '12010 FU-910' and inscribed 'Beauteous Butch II', it is really HAF 19168.
Canadair CL-13 Sabre 2 (F-86E), (unmarked 19146).
Canadair CL-13 Sabre 2 (F-86E), (unmarked 19199).

Canadair CL-13 Sabre 2 (F-86E) painted in 'Elliniki Flogas' colours as '202' it is really 19169.
Left to right:  Lockheed T-33A Shooting Stars (58-0519 'TR-519' and 53-5029 'TR-029').
Convair TF-102A Delta Dagger ('62335' really 56-2355) it arrived in Greece on November 25, 1970 and retired from service on January 31, 1977 when at Tanagra.  

Convair TF-102A Delta Dagger (0-54035).  
Left to right: Lockheed F-104Gs (7415, 63-12720 and 7151) and TF-104G Starfighter (5908).
Left to right: Northrop F-5A Freedom Fighters (65-10541 and 63-8405) and RF-5A Freedom Fighter (69-7170) inscribed '349 MAH 1967-1997'.
Left to right: Cessna T-37B Tweety Bird (67-14742 'TE-742'), Cessna T-37C Tweety Bird (70-1959 'TE-959'), LTV A-7E Corsair II (159664) and Dassault Mirage F.1CG (101).   
Left to right: Douglas C-47B Dakota IV (KJ960), Dornier Do-28 (4131) and Grumman HU-16B Albatross (51-7190 '190' and 51-7204 '204').
Left to right: Agusta-Bell B47J-2 (2060 '066'), Sikorsky HU-19B Chicksaw (51-3952 '952'), Grumman Gulfstream I (120) which was in service 1964 to 1995 and WSK MiG-15bis ('925' really ex Polish Air Force 1803).  

The museum has a hangar which it uses as a workshop behind some trees adjacent to the main hangar which houses some of the collection on display. Outside this hangar are the following airframes which the museum is intending to restore or use for parts. It was made apparent that photography was not allowed in this hangar for a reason not properly explained to me.
Left to right: Lockheed T-33A Shooting Stars (53-5890 'TR-890', 54-1614 'TR-614' and 52-9805 'TR-805') and Cessna T-41D Mescalero (69-7181) which was written-off in 2005.

Left to right: Douglas C-47B Dakotas (KK169 and 43-49111 '49111'), Nord N.2508 Noratlas (53-258) and Grumman HU-16 Albatross (51-5289 '289').
Left to right: Lockheed F-104G (6699 'FG-6699'), TF-104G Starfighter (5955) and in the restoration hangar TF-104G Starfighter (62-12274) with Junkers Ju-87 D-3 Stuka (unmarked reported as 100375 'S7+GM'). 

Hellenic Air Force Academy
Republic RF-84F Thunderflash (53-7665).
There are at least sx of airframes on the base including the gate guard that are not part of the museum. These two aircraft were beside an internal road next to the main administration office complex.
Left to right: Convair F-102 Delta Dagger (0-61233) and RF-84F Thunderflash (53-7665).