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Yorkshire Air Museum
Halifax 'Friday the 13th' Night Shoot
Friday March 13, 2014
The Yorkshire Air Museum (YAM) was the venue for another Neil Cave night photo-shoot principally of the Halifax painted as 'Friday the 13th'. Lighting and re-enactors composed the scenes for the 120+ strong group of photographers. YAM also made available their Devon, Mosquito and DC-3 Dakots which all were powered up during the four hour event.

The Halifax on display was reconstructed using part of a fuselage from Halifax II, HR792, which emergency landed on the Isle of Lewis in 1945. The wings are from a Hastings (TG536). It is named 'Friday the 13th' in honour of a Halifax (LV907), which completed 128 operations with 158 Squadron.
Handley Page Halifax III (HR792 painted as 'LV907' Friday the 13th)
RAF Elvington was utilised as a bomber base during World War II, three hardened runways were constructed in 1942. 77 Squadron moved there with Whitley's which were soon replaced by the Halifax, which were used in raids on German industry. In 1944 two French Squadrons, 346 (Guyenne) and 347 (Tunisie) continued bombing from Elvington till 1945. The US Strategic Air Command utilised the airfield from 1952 and lengthened the runway to 1.92 miles, making it the longest in northern England. Six years later the airfield was vacated by US forces without any aircraft actually operating from the base. In the 1960s the airfield was used for test flying the Buccaneer by Blackburn Aircraft Company based at Brough and later by RAF flying training schools which used the airfield for circuits and landings. In 1992 RAF Elvington was closed.
Back in 1983 local people were inspired to create a memorial museum at Elvington. Volunteers cleared years of undergrowth from the buildings and an open day took place in 1985. The Yorkshire Air Museum formally opened on May 31, 1986. With growing support the well run museum was able to buy the land and buildings in 1993. Please check the
Yorkshire Air Museum website for the latest information on forth coming events.
Left to right: Handley Page Halifax III (HR792 painted as 'LV907').
De Havilland DH98 Mosquito NF.II (HJ711)
Left to right: De Havilland DH98 Mosquito NF.II (HJ711).
De Havilland DH 104 Devon C.2 (VP967).
Left to right: Devon C.2 (VP967).
Douglas DC-3 Dakota IV (G-AMYJ)
Left to right: Douglas DC-3 Dakota IV (G-AMYJ formally KN353).
Left to right: Douglas DC-3 Dakota IV (G-AMYJ) with problems developing with the port engine it started to cry.
Gloster Javilin F(AW).9 (XH767)
Left to right: Gloster Javilin F(AW).9 (XH767 and Lockheed Canadair CT-133 Silver Star (12417).
Buccaneer S2B (XV168) was stored at Brough, East Yorkshire where it was built in the 1960s since its retirement in 1993 when the BAE Systems site was sold. It was moved to the Yorkshire Air Museum in August 1993.
Left to right: De Havilland DH115 Vampire T.11 (XH278 '42') Hunting Percival Jet Provost T.4.
Left to right: Beagle Terrier 2 (G-ASCD) restored as a Auster AOP.6 and Fairchild Argus II (G-AJOZ).
Left to right: Dassault Mirage III (538 '3-QH'), Hawker Hunter FGA.78 and Mignet Flying Flea (G-AFFI).