Graf Ignatievo Report
Bulgaria Air Force - Bulgarski Voennovazdyshini Sili
Graf Ignatievo Air Force Base
3rd Fighter Air Base (Iztrebitelna Avio Basa – 3.IAB)

June 2009
The Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-29 HAS area, they do not taxi out of this area but are towed to a seperate start-up area
Left to right: MiG-29 (18) during a engine vibration test. The power plant of the MiG-29 are two Klimov/Sarkisov RD-33 afterburning turbofans.
Left to right: MiG-29 (18).        
Left to right: MiG-29UB (33) in a Hardened Aircraft Shelter (HAS) built many years ago for the MiG-21 and are just wide enough. With only a few centimeters to spare, they are so narrow that the MiG-29 has to be backed onto rails before they can be pushed into the HAS.         
Left to right: MiG-29UB two-seat (33) cockpit.
MiG-29s (38 and 32) in maintenance.  

Still operational MiG-21bis-SAU 'Fishbed' (427 ex 407) being returned to its HAS.
Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-21bis-SAU (427 ex 407) refuelling after its test flight.     
MiG-21bis-SAU (427 ex 407) returning to it's HAS. 
Still operational MiG-21bis-SAU (114)
MiG-21bis-SAU (114) ready for flight.