Pinter Művek Museum
Kecel, Hungary 
August 2005
The Pinter Művek Museum of War and Open Air Defence Technology at Kecel in southern Hungary is very impressive. Apart from the 25 or more aircraft on display, there are numerous tanks, artillery weapons, missiles and assorted ex military vehicles and boats. They are all parked in neat rows. With many duplicate exhibits parked next to each other, it looks more like an army surplus store than a typical museum. Unfortunately they have planted small evergreen shrubs between each exhibit. Now that these plant have grown in to small trees, it makes decent photography almost impossible. The situation is clearly going to get worse unless they are to be uprooted quite soon. Never-the-less there is a large grass area from where acceptable photography is possible. It is open every day from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Left to right: MiG-17PF (315), MiG-15bis ('1988' / 064), MiG-19PM (027) and MiG-21MF (8202).
Left to right: Sukhoi Su-22M-3 (11), MiG-23UB (20), An-24B (908) and Let L-29 Delfin (376).
Left to right: Zlin Z-43 (078), MiG-15bis (677), Mil Mi-2 (8916) and Mil Mi-24D (104).