Kemble Air Day 2005

Kemble Air Day 2006
June 18, 2006
This former RAF airfield is now privately owned, having been purchased by Ronan Harvey in March 2001. The airfield was formally operated by RAF Maintenance Units and covers a large, area with hangars dotted around the airfield. These days Kemble is the home of some very nice classic former military fast jets. Delta Aviation Engineering Ltd. otherwise known as 'Delta Jets' started the ball rolling when they moved here in March 1996, with the all black Hunter T.7B (G-FFOX / WV318). Later ex RAF Hunters began to appear to be maintained to a high standard by volunteers, allowing them to grace the skies around this Gloucestershire airfield and beyond. 
It was a grey day - making it very difficult to get stunning images.
This shot of the 800 NAS Harrier GR.7A (ZD327 '08A') in the static has been processed to emphasize the point.
The organisers must be congratulated for the layout of the airfield with regard to the positioning of the aircraft, both static and flying, combined with the close proximity of the runway. Everyone gets a great view. It is especially good to get really close to the flight line for some very nice nose-on shots of the returning display aircraft. 
From left to right:
Privately owned and part of the Hunter Flying Club based at Exeter, Hunter GA.11 (XE685 / 861) was with the FRADU at Yeovilton for 20 years till it's retirement in 1994 from RAF service. It took to the air again in February after a break of six years.
Another member of the Hunter Flying Club at Exeter Hunter T.7 (G-VETA / XL600) taxis out for it's display.
Peter Teichmann joins the flight line in his P-40M Kittyhawk after his mid-day arrival.
Percival P.56 Provost T.1(G-BKFM / XF597 coded 'AH') arrives to take it's position on the flight line.
Kemble has attracted a number of Hawker Hunters and these flew a series of formation and solo fly-bys. 
Left to right:
Delta Jets Hunter T.7 (G-BXKF / XL577) is painted as the 92 Squadron's 'Blue Diamonds' display team from the early 1960s and is owned by Ronan Harvey.
Hunter GA.11 (G-GAII / XE685 coded '861') enjoying flying once again.
An another classic design from Hawker to compliment to Hunter, the Hawker Sea Hawk FGA.6 (WV908 '188A') in the colours of NAS 804 and is now based at RNAS Yeovilton with the Royal Navy Historic Flight (RNHF).
The classic Harrier display which despite the intense noise levels is one of the main highlights for every airshow enthusiast. Harrier GR.7 (ZD351 '18') of 20(R) Squadron based at RAF Wittering.
Crowd pleasers; Denny Dobson in his Extra 300 (G-EIII) performing spectacular aerial limbo following an exciting aerobatics routine. The Utterly Butterly Boeing Stearman pair performing wing walking routines. This is their final year under the sponsorship of 'Utterly Butterly'. 
The organisers of the show and their volunteer staff must be congratulated for putting on a great show, and for the hard work that is necessary to make everything come together on the day. Many thanks for the assistance given to me on the day.

The Kemble Air Day offers excellent photography, the sun is behind you with good access to the display aircraft as they make they way to and from the runway.

Left: Rolls Royce's own Spitfire PR.19 (PS853 'C' / G-RRGN) is welcomed to the flight line.