Swedish Air Force - Flygvapnet
Flying Training School (FlygSkolan)
Linköping/Malmen, Sweden
August 2014
Four days on base and between flights I spent time wondering around the flight lines and hangars, here are some of the images which did not make the article.
Student pilots stepping out for the first mass launch of the day.
Left to right: To get the image above I had to work something out with the student pilots. Several times a day the Flying Training School (FTS) have mass launches which suits their operations at Malmen and fits in the FSVs operations which share the airfield. I wanted an image which depicted the mass launch. I had noticed in previous launches that the instructors and pilots wandered out on to the ramp in their own time but started up at almost the same time and taxied out over a five minute period. With the approval of the deputy FTS commander Major Mike Rosenquist (extreme right image) I addressed around 25 students and instructors at the end of the early morning briefing. I asked them to wait at the door to the ramp and the crew for the furthest Sk 60 to step out first when he reached the first yellow line then the second crew for the send furthest jet should then step out. This sequence was to be repeated so that I had equally spaced crews walking out to their jets. The plan worked perfectly and I got my shot.
Left to right: Instructor Pilots and students.
Instructor Pilots and student
Left to right: SAAB Sk 60s (60098, 60096, 60133 and 60118).
In the hangar
Civilian ground crew working for 'Bromma Air Maintenance'.
Three-ship ready to go
Left to right: SAAB Sk 60 (60118 and 60036) taxiing out.
Left to right: SAAB Sk 60 (60129, 60096 and 60040).
SK 60s (60129 and 60133) returning to the ramp
Left to right: Sk 60s (60036, 60105 and 60114).
Left to right: Sk 60s (60133 and 60129).
Sk 60 (60133) still in its old F 5 wing markings
Left to right: Sk 60s (60036, 60105 and 60040).
Early morning line-up
Left to right: Sk 60s (60098, 60096 and 60139) still in their 'Team 60' markings.
Left to right: Sk 60 (60088) known as the 'White Whale'.