European Luscombe UK Tour 2008
European Luscombe Rally 2010
Oaksey Park Airfield
August 8, 2010
The 2010 European Luscombe and Friends Rally was held at Oaksey Park airfield once again this year. This small and friendly airstrip owned by Brian and Evelyn Austen is the ideal host for a collection of Luscombes which had been hoped would total almost 30. The poor weather reduced the level to a healthy 15 over the three day event. Three days because everyone was invited to arrive Friday and could stay till Sunday morning. It appeared that around a half dozen made it in on the Friday to enjoy a meal at a local pub with other Luscombe pilots. I arrived as the weather war clearing after lunch on the Saturday and before the rain tumbled down I was able to see another eight or so more Luscombes arrive.
I like to follow the activities of this fine old aircraft on the European Luscombes website  run by Nige Barrat who also organises and annual Luscombe Tour of small airfields over  a weekend in May. They have already decided to return to Oaksey next year, so lets hope for better weather.
Luscombe 8E (G-BSHH) arriving Saturday later afternoon
Left to right: Luscombes (8EF G-KENM built 1946, 8E G-BRUG buillt 1946).
Left to right: Luscombe 8E (G-BTCJ) built 1941, Luscombe 8E (G-AJJU) built 1946 inscribed 'Juliet Uniform' on the tail and Luscombe 8A (G-AGMI) which was built 1941.
Left to right: Luscombes (8F G-AFYD built 1939, 8A G-AFZN built 1940 and 8F Silvaire Observer G-LUSI built 1951).
Left to right: Luscombes (8A G-BPOU built 1946, 8A G-AGMI and 8E Silvaire Delux G-AJKB ex N71631 built 1946) and inscribed 'Lusky' on tail. 
Luscombe 8E Silvaire (G-AJJU) arriving later in the day to join the line up of Luscombes that stoped over Friday night.
Left to right: Friday night stoppers Luscombes (8E G-BROO built 1948 and 8E G-NIGE built 1946). Piper J4A Cub Coupe (G-BRBV ex N27860) built 1941 and PA-22 135 Tri Pacer G-BUVA) built 1953 which had decided not ot take-off during the sudden heavy shower.