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Mountain Flying Training Area Photography
22 Squadron 'C' Flight - RAF Valley

Mountain Rescue Training
22 Squadron 'C' Flight are regularly involved in mountain rescue sorties actual or for training purposes involving volunteer mountain rescue teams. The images below were taken during a mountain rescue training exercise.
Note: All the 22 and 203 (R) Sea Kings HAR.3/HAR.3A based at RAF Valley are pooled.
Westland Sea King HAR.3 (XZ596) of 203(R) the Sea King OCU (Operational Conversion Unit) which moved to RAF Valley in 2008 touching down on a Snowdonia hillside
Left to right: Sea King HAR.3 (XZ596) arriving at the landing zone within the Snowdonia Rotary - Mountain Flying Training Area (MFTA). .
Left to right: aircrew coordinate the safe shutting down of the engine.
Health and safety briefing before the mountain rescue team depart for their winching training
Three man mountain rescue team preparing for their training flight

Mountain Rescue teams in a live situation are picked up from their Mountain Rescue Centre and taken to the area of the emergency.
Left to right: Sea King HAR.3 (XZ596) departing.
Sea King HAR.3 (XZ596) lifting off for the start of the training.