Flying with the Blue Eagles  
AAC Middle Wallop
April 2009
A short photo-report from the Army Air Corps (AAC) airfield at Middle Wallop it is the home of 2 (Training) / 7 Regiment the School of Army Aviation, its battlefield helicopters come under the control of the Joint Helicopter Command (JHC).
2 (Training) / 7 Regiment, Army Air Corps comprises;
668 (Training) Squadron
670 (Training) Squadron - Squirrel HT.1
671 (Training) Squadron - Gazelle AH.1, Bell 212, Lynx AH.7
673 (AH Training) Squadron - Apache AH.1
676 (Training) Squadron
School of Army Aviation
The Army Historic Flight also has its aircraft here.
Westland WAS-64 Apache AH.1 (ZJ189) of 673 Squadron, Army Air Corps (AAC)
Left to right: Apache AH.1 (ZJ189) of 673 Squadron. 
Left to right: Apache AH.1 (ZJ189 and ZJ226) of 673 Squadron.  
The Gazelle Depth Support Hub (GDSH)
Left to right: Westland Gazelle AH.1 (XX320 'X') of 671 Squadron, Gazelle AH.1s (XW847 and XZ399 'B') of 665 Squadron, 5 Regiment based in Northern Ireland and Gazelle AH.1 (ZA736) of 29 Flight AAC, BATUS, Suffield, Canada. 
Left to right: Gazelle AH.1s (XX460 'D', XZ311 'U' x2 and XZ345 'M') of 671 Squadron. 
Left to right: Squirrel HT.1s (ZJ252 '52', ZJ245 '45' and ZJ250 '50') of 670 Squadron. 
Eurocopter SA-365 Dauphin (ZJ780) of 8 Flight AAC.
8 Flight Army Air Corps provides the Special Air Service (SAS) with their own light Special Operations Aviation support, it is also used for counter-terrorism.
They currerntly have four Eurocopter AS 365N Dauphin which replaced their Agusta A109s in 2008.
Left to right: AS.365 Dauphin (ZJ780) of 8 Flight, Westland Lynx AH.7 (XZ645) of 667 Squadron, Lynx AH.7 (XZ194 'L') and Bell 212HP AH.1 (ZK067) of 671 Squadron.  
Left to right: Slingsby T.67 Firefly (G-BWXG) of the Defence Elementary Flying Training School (DEFTS) which provides elementary flying training for Royal Navy and Army Air Corps students with bases at RAF Barkston Heath, RAFC Cranwell and AAC Middle Wallop.
Gate Guard: Auster (WZ724). 
Army Historic Flight's hangar
Left to right: Auster AOP.9 (XR244), Chipmunk T.10 (WD325), Alouette AH.2 (XR379) and Sioux AH.1 (XT131).