Photographic Portfolio of 2017
Images and photographic notes of my successes for the year

Each year I like to produce a collection of my best and favourite images. Most have been published in books and magazines and possibly in conjunction with features and as such were chosen by the editor in question. I hope you like this snapshot of my best work from 2017.
Portfolios by Category
Swiss Air Force F/A-18D Hornet (J-5232) during Exercise Scotnite 2017 hosted at RAF Lossiemouth
Air to air portfolio - click here for more images and reports.
My image of a Jak-18 used in the Jakowlew (Yakovlev) book written by Wilfried Bergholz.
Some of the images used in 101 Squadron DVD by Roy Etherton.
Low-level flying portfolio - click here for more images and reports.
This is my real passion. Finding a steep sided valley and waiting for some fast jet action is very relaxing. You might only get one or two jets in a day, but who cares? The scenery is often stunning and when you are alone it gives you a good chance to unwind from the pressures of life. The anticipation of a jet flying up your valley is exciting. The thrill of capturing a jet with the ground as a backdrop is more than you can imagine.

This year I have been concentrating on my book on low-level flying and the images I have for this project will be kept under wraps until the book is published in 2018.....My Book
On air base and exercises portfolio - I visited a number of air bases in 2017, click here for more images and reports.
My article for Revista Força Aérea entitled (by the magazine editor) 'The Perfection of RAF Training' published in June 2017, 6,000 words and 9 images.
"The RAF is undoubtedly one of the most important and operational air forces in the world and will soon put into service the Lockheed F-35B Lightning II, the most modern fighter of today. But how are their pilots trained?"
Images used for the RAFs newest helicopter an Agusta Westland 109SP GrandNew (GZ100 ex G-ZIOO) of 32(The Royal) Squadron in the VIP transport role being flight tested on Salisbury Plain a few days after it was delivered.
One image of 142 Filo F-16 Fighting Falcon based at Akinci used by Jon Lake for his article 'Pilot Light' about the failed Turkish military coup of July 15, 2016, for Arabian Aerospace magazine published in April 2017."
Air shows, Museums and Classic Aircraft portfolio - I visited some museums and a few events in 2017, click here or here for more images and reports.
Article entitled 'Keeping Vulcan XM655 Alive' for Aviation News published in August 2017, 2,500 words and 9 images.