Auster Fly-In Spanhoe 2017   
Reid and Sigrist R.S.3 Desford photo-shoot
A brief photo-report
RAF Spanhoe was opened in 1943, it was used by both the RAF and USAAF. During the war it was mostly used by transport aircraft, it was closed in late 1945.Today Spanhoe airfield is the home of a remarkable collection of interesting aircraft, most are flyable some are in various states of restoration. The owners of the airfield and aircraft prefer to keep their work private, so any approach should be gained with permission. For three years the Reid and Sigrist R.S.3 Desford has been based here for restoration to flying condition by Windmill Aviation on behalf of the Royal Air Force Museum at Cosford.
The Desford prototype was originally registered G-AGOS. It first flew on 9 July 1945. Evaluated at the Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment (A&AEE) at RAF Boscombe Down as VZ728 as an advanced trainer powered by two 130 hp de Havilland Gipsy Major engines, it was not selected for production. By 1956 it returned to the civil register as G-AGOS and remained flyable until 1973.
Reid and Sigrist R.S.3 Desford (VZ728).
Left to right: Reid and Sigrist R.S.3 Desford (VZ728) in August 2017 during an engine test.

Some of the other Spanhoe residents
Fairchild Argus II (HB737 registered G-BCBH).
Left to right: Fairchild Argus II (HB737 registered G-BCBH).
Left to right: Helio Courier U-10D (66-14360 marked 66-374 'EO').
Left to right: Morane Saulnier MS733 Alcyon (French Navy/Aeronavale 143 registered G-MSAL).
Left to right: S.N.C.A.N. Nord NC-856A Norvigie (AdlA 54 'AOM' registered G-CGWR).
Left to right: Piaggio FWP-149D (D-EHJL ex WGAF 90+31 '18').
Left to right:Globe GC-1B Swift (G-BFNM), Piper PA-22-160 Pacer (G-APXU) and De Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk (WK640 registered G-BWUV).
Left to right: Siai Marchetti SF.260AM (MM54532 registered G-ITAF), Fokker S-11 Instructor (Kon.Marine 174 'K' registered G-BEPV) and DHC-1 Chipmunk (WK640 registered G-BWUV).