Szolnok Museum 
(Szolnoki Repűlő Mύzeum)
Szolnok, Hungary
August 2005
Situated immediately outside the Szolnok air base main gates, this museum has a very impressive selection of former Hungarian Air Force and civilian aircraft. All aircraft are very nicely laid out for very acceptable photography. The very low single rope barrier along the paths is unobtrusive. Further more I was granted permission from the very friendly staff to go over the ropes to get the best angles. I was also able to get amongst the stored aircraft at the far end of the museum compound. Entrance was also free. Opening times appear to vary from day to day, but I would expect it to be open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 09:00 to 15:00, Friday 09:00 to 12:00, Saturday 10:00 to 17:00 and Sunday 10:00 to 15:00 from April 1 to October 31 only. It is closed Mondays.
An impressive line up of Hungarian Air Force (Magyar Légierô) Mikoyan Gurevich designed MiGs
Left to right: Whilst most of the aircraft look still to be in original colours and free from museum paint jobs, this particular MiG-15bis has been recently painted as '912'. It was almost certainly the former 512 and '1974' which was part of the collection. Also MiG-19PM (28), MiG-15UTI (203) and Let L-29 (379).
Left to right: Two images of Illyushin IL-28 'Beagle' (55), Sukhoi Su-22M-3 'Fitter' (12) and MiG-23MF 'Flogger' (06).
Left to right: VEB-14P (East German built variant of the Illyushin IL-14T 'Crate') painted as '426' is ex 426 NVA (East German Air Force) c/n 14803022 as can be seen showing through the fading paint work, it was given as a gift to the museum in 1980 and so painted in fake Hungarian Air Force colours.
Antonov An-2R is ex HA-MDG but more recently painted as Hungarian Air Force '10'.
Left to right: Kamov Ka-26 'Hoodlum' (505), Mil-4 'Hound' (27) and Mil-8T 'Hip' (10422).
Museum Store, left to right: MiG-21MF-13s 'Fishbed' (819, 822, 911 and 814)