Vigli del Fuoco    Vigli del Fuoco at Lago Albano     
Protezione Civile - Regione Lazio (Civil Protection - Lazio Region)
August 2015
There was some aerial activity around the mountain slopes beside the town of Tivoli where smoke was now billowing upwards. So with camera in hand I decided to drive the five miles or so from where I was relaxing on a family holiday. I quickly located the right mountain road after reaching the outskirts of Tivoli, only to find the road blocked by the local Police (Polizia). A short 'discussion' with them revealed I was expected to turn around, instead I parked up and wandered closer to where the smoke was coming from, albeit more subdued than when I set off. Two helicopters were collecting water from somewhere local I deduced by the short transit times before it was released to cascade on to the smouldering scrub. Despite giving the Polizia the slip briefly I could not get close enough for some better shots. So having realised the water was being collected nearby I guessed that it must be from the river which passes beside the town called the Fiume Aniene. I was there in just a few minutes parked up and soon shooting at first from a bridge and later from the river bank. This helicopter made several collections in the next 30 minutes or so before departing for good.
A brief piece of photographic entertainment and an insight of how the Civil Protection in Italy assists the Vigli del Fuoco with fire control.

Eurocopter AS350B3 Ecureuil (I-LASW) lifting the full 'bambi' bucket from the Fiume Aniene in Tivoii
Eurocopter AS350B3 Ecureuil (I-LASW) lifting the full bucket from the Fiume Aniene