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An evening with Vulcan B2 XM655
Wellesbourne Mountford
November 16, 2014
Another Neil Cave organised event (see An Evening with Just Jane). The weather on the day was poor but luckily on the night during the photo shoot the rain held off and so we all came away with some very nice images. Avro Vulcan B.2 (XM655) which is under the excellent care of '655 Maintenance and Preservation Society as the aircraft is emaculate and is still able to perform engine runs and fast taxiing events despite its last flight being made in 1984. XM655 flying career lasted twenty years and on retirement was bought and registered G-VULC but due to costs it was not possible to keep it flying.
Towards the end of the event after the re-enactors had finished

Left to right: 16:00 and in very dull weather the re-enactors start to do the thing.......
The re-enactors usually worked out their own scenes just needing a little guidance from photographers and of course Neil Cave the organiser
Three gantries were provided to give some elevation to the shots
17:30 The lighting is now starting to take effect
Not dark yet but the lights are needed to focus on the re-enactors
Neil Cave must have spent some time working out some posed scenes before the day of the event as they were all very different and imaginative
It was easy to walk around the side and front of the Vulcan to get your shots
Vulcan B.1 from the rear and to the limit the photographers could move otherwise they would get in each other's way
Left to right: A bomb is introduced as a prop for the re-enactors
A brief pause between the re-enactor sessions
The industrial estate's lights on the far side of the airfield were not too much of a distraction
Towards the end of the photo shoot at 20:30 the Vulcan's lights were switched on
The final scene with the groundcrew ready to call the Vulcan out, sadly the engines were not run on the night