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The de Havilland Moth Club, 26th International Moth Rally

Woburn Abbey
August 20, 2006
With this year being the Tiger Moth's 75th anniversary a special event was held on the Saturday before at Sywell aerodrome, a former RAF Tiger Moth base during the war. This only left Sunday for Woburn Abbey to host the de Havilland Moth Club's annual International Moth Rally. With just the one day, poor weather and high crosswinds it was not surprising that numbers were down on last year. Talk in the compound amongst pilots was that increased costs charged by Woburn Abbey had threatened the event altogether. I hope this can be resolved for next year and another gathering of Moths at Woburn can be planned. As always a very enjoyable event, with excellent opportunities for capturing some good images in majestic surroundings.
DH.82 Tiger Moth (T-6953 / G-ANNI) taking off to the west in the late afternoon sun.
The show started with the many de Havilland Moths arriving from 10:00 a.m. onwards, some from Sywell but a many more flew in from their home bases.
Every year Woburn entices Moths from abroad. This year was no exception despite the poor weather forecast. German registered Tiger Moth (D-ENDI) was joined by a Belgian example (OO-TMW / T-7842).
More Tiger Moths in their 75th Anniversary year; G-AMNN, G-AOJK, G-ANMY/DE470 and G-ANEL.
Landing from the east for a change brought some different angles and the chance to shoot up close. DH.82A Tiger Moth (G-ANFM), DH.60G Moth (G-AAHI) and Thruxton Jackeroo (G-AOIR), a Tiger Moth conversion with an enclosed cockpit.
As a DH Moth Club member you can get right amongst the action for close ups, here; DH.85 Leopard Moth's (G-AIYS and G-ACMN) and DH.60G Moth (G-AAHI).
Shooting at between 1/60th and 1/80th certainly tests the panning skills. Tiger Moths G-AXXV painted up in its former RAF makings of DE992, G-APLU and G-AHOO all seen racing down the runway with blurred background to emphasise speed.
DH.60G Moth (G-AAHI)
DH.84 Dragon (G-ECAN) arriving early Sunday morning with DH.90 Dragonfly (G-AEDU) two Woburn regulars.
Yes the DH Moth Club does allow suitable non-member visitors by prior permission of course. A.61 Terrier and Piper PA-18 Super Cub 150.