Národní Tecnické Muzeum
Etrich E.VIII Taube Limusina (Dove Limosine) (no markings) built in 1928. Ignaz "Igo" Etrich was born in Austrian-Hungarian in 1897 in what is now the Czech Republic. He built his first aircraft the Etrich I in 1907. The Etrich II Taube flew in 1910 but unfortunately Etrich broke his spine when his aircraft crashed tail first, he died in Austria in 1967.
The Etrich Taube aircraft was developed by Igo Etrich from Austria in 1909, with the first flight in 1910. The design was licensed by Igo Etrich to Lohner-Werke in Austria and to Edmund Rumpler in Germany who initially named the examples he built the Etrich-Rumpler Taube. Rumpler later changed the name to Rumpler-Taubeand stopped paying royalties to Etrich who subsequently abandoned his patent.

Another example is on display at the Forsvaret Flysamling Museum at Gardermoen, Norway.