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Flying with the RAF - Jaguar
The Jaguar ended its RAF service with just two squadrons at RAF Coltishall, namely 6 and 41(F) Squadrons. The Jaguar, which entered service in 1973 is coming to the end of its service with the RAF. 16(R) and 54(F) disbanded in March 2005, their 'fittest' aircraft being taken up by the remaining squadrons. Consequently 6 Squadron now operates 16 Jaguar GR.3As and a two-seat T.4. 41(F) Squadron operated 16 Jaguar GR.3As and six T.4s before disbanding in April 2006, leaving 6 Squadron, following its move to RAF Coningsby in April 2006 as the last squadron to operate the Jaguar. It is due to disband on October 31, 2007 if not sooner. It will then reform with Typhoons towards the end of 2008.  The Fast Jet & Weapons Operation Evaluation Unit (FJ&W OEU) operated a single Jaguar GR.3A from RAF Coningsby (see below) before its retirement in December 2005.
Jaguar GR.3A (XX112) of 6 Squadron inscribed '90 years, 1914-2004, The Flying Canopeners',
for its squadron anniversary at RAF Coltishall in May 2004.
6 Squadron special scheme Jaguar GR.3A (XX112) in company with a 54(F) Squadron Jaguar.
Jaguar GR.3A (XX720 'GB') of 54(F) Squadron
Left to right: 6 Squadron special scheme Jaguar GR.3A (XX112) in company with another 6 Squadron Jaguar GR.3A (XZ396 'EM').
Jaguar GR.3A (XX720 'GB') of 54(F) Squadron as it manoeuvres towards the fuel line from 2004.

Left to right: 6 Squadron Jaguar GR.3s (XX723 'EU', XX117 'ES', XZ109 'EN' and XZ399 'EJ') over the North Sea off the East Anglian coast before passing over Norfolk at low-level June 2006.
6 Squadron Jaguar GR.3s using callsign 'Rafter 21' (XX970 'EH' and XZ399 'EJ') refuelling from a VC-10 K.3 during 'Swift Panther' Exercise in May 2006.

Jaguar GR.3A (XZ113) when with the SAOEU when based at RAF Boscombe Down before its move to Coningsby and renamed FJ&W OEU
XZ113 was finally retired in December 2005.