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International Auster Club Fly-In
Abbots Bromley
August 30, 2008
Yeatshall Farm, Abbots Bromley was host to the International Auster Club's fly-in. On arriving there wasn't really a welcome as such, you were free to park-up and wander up to a roped off area. Photography was virtually unhindered in a very attractive setting. This small quiet farm strip has a distinctive dip in the grass runway and a hangar by the farm itself with a few based aircraft.
Taylorcraft-Auster AOP.5 (TJ534/G-AKSY) departing the farm strip's undulating grass runway.
Left to right: Taylorcraft-Auster AOP.5 (TJ534 registered G-AKSY) from 1944, Auster AOP.6 /Beagle-Auster A.61 Terrier (VX113 '36' registered G-ARNO) from 1948 and Auster AOP.9 (WZ662 registered G-BKVK) from 1954.
Left to right: Auster J/1 Autocrat (G-AJEE) from 1946, Auster J/1N Alpha (G-AIGF) from 1946, Auster J/1N Alpha (G-AJAE) from 1946 and Auster J/1 Autocrat (G-AXUJ) from 1948.
Left to right: Auster J/1B Aiglet (G-AMKU) from 1951, Auster J/5W Autocar (G-APUW) from 1959 and Beagle-Auster D.5/180 Husky (G-ATCD) from 1965.
Taylorcraft-Auster AOP.5 (TJ534 registered G-AKSY) from 1944.