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International Auster Club and
Aeronca Club of Great Britain

September 19, 2009
Two fly-ins for the price of one! The former RAF station at Bicester played host to an International Auster Club's and Aeronca Club of Great Britain joint fly-in. Members of both clubs were invited to arrive Friday evening or on saturday before departing to the VAC event at Turweston on Sunday. The event was a low key affair with less than 20 members aircraft attending, but those that did attend had the chance to enjoy the company of similar minded people. For the enthusiast there were a few other interesting veteran aircraft around, either housed in the vast former RAF hangar and from where the based Gemini flew or visiting in the shape of a Piper Vagabond.
Sadly at 14:40 on Saturday the pilot and passenger of Auster G-AMZU were involved in a crash when departing the airfield. The Auster crashed into a builder's yard which adjoins the airfield. One crew member sufferred severe injuries but was stable by the next day.
The Auster Club line up, some owners had camped the night
Left to right: Auster J/1 autocrat (G-AJRE) 4, Auster J/1N Alpha (G-ARRL), Beagle-Auster A.61 Terrier (VX113 '36' registered G-ARNO) from 1948 and Auster AOP.5 (TW467 registered G-ANIE).
Left to right: Auster J/2 Arrow (G-BAEH), Auster J/5F Aiglet Trainer (G-AMZU) it was later to crash shortly after take-off.
Left to right: Auster J/1B Aiglet (G-AMKU), Auster J/1N Alpha (G-BLPG painted as RCAF '16693' ex G-AZIH), Beagle-Auster A.61 Terrier 2 (G-ATBU) and Beagle-Auster D.5/180 Husky (G-ATCD) from 1965.
Left to right: The very attractive Auster D.6/180 (G-ARCS) and Beagle A.109 Airdale (G-ARNP).
Left to right: Aeronca 7AC Champions (G-ATGM and G-AKTR) and Aeronca 7BCM Champion (G-BVCS). 
Aeronca 7AC Champion (G-AKTR) named 'Eddie'
Left to right: Bicester based Miles M.65 Gemini 1A (G-AKKH) was taken for a spin and Piper PA-17 Vagabond joined the Auster flighline.