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Lightning Preservation Group - Nightshoot
February 20, 2016
The Lightning Preservation Group's English Electric Lightning F.6s XR728 and XS904 are both maintained in taxiable condition. The group also acquired in 1994 from RAF Wattisham (a former Lightning air base) a Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) hangar. Just last year Lightning F.3 XR713 was re-assembled for static display, it hd been on display at RAF Leuchars for many years.
Lightning F.6 (XR728 'JS') first flew on 17th March 1965 and was delivered to 23 Squadron at RAF Leuchars.
Left to right: Lightning F.6 (XR728 'JS') it retains the markings when with the Lightning Training Flight (LTF) at Binbrook when flown by Station Commander Group Captain John Spencer.
Left to right: Lightning F.6 (XR728 'JS').
Left to right: Lightning F.6 (XR728 'JS').

Lightning F.3 (XR713 'C') was delivered to 111 Squadron in January 1965.
Left to right: Lightning F.3 (XR713 'C' and 8935M) was the gate guard for many years at RAF Leuchars, before its move in 2015 to Bruntingthorpe.
Left to right: Lightning F.3 (XR713 'C').