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Ready, willing and available for any assignment .......

I am constantly looking for opportunities to enhance my portfolio with exciting images and written features. 

If you would like some air to air photographs I would by happy to offer my services free of charge. 

Got an idea then just ask using either or both of the following email addresses.

I often get requests from publications, books, commercial outlets, pilots and enthusiasts asking for publishing rights or prints of my images on this site. I am very receptive to any suggestions or requests. So if you see an image that you like then please send me an Email.

I use Photoshop, Lightroom and other professional software to enhance all my images, making sure that they remain realistic and there are no distracting blemishes etc.

I use professional Canon Digital cameras and lenses and I am a member of Canon Professional Services (CPS) created to support Canon professionals.

My images are of the highest quality.

I need to know the following details about the image(s) you require;

The image reference (click on the thumbnail and the pop-up text on the larger image will display the image reference, e.g. 181_1234)

Brief description of image.

Why you want it.

When you need it by if there is a tight deadline.

Image size and resolution if required for reproduction elsewhere.

One-time, one year or unlimited use license.

The print run.

Your details including your company name for an image license.
Image files will be sent by Email or on a CD by post/carrier normally in .JPG format.

Any costs and conditions will be confirmed by Email very quickly.

Philip Stevens
Target Aviation Photography