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Auster Fly-in
August 27, 2017
A brief photo-report, just a few Austers joined those based at the airfield
Auster AOP.9 (WZ706) with some of the visiting Austers
Left to right: Taylocraft Auster Mk III (NX534 registered G-BUD), Auster Mk III (MT197, registered G-AREI) and Auster AOP.9 (WZ706 registered G-BURR).
Left to right: Auster J1N Alpha (G-AHSS), Auster J-1 Autocrat (G-AHAU), Auster J-5L Aiglet Trainer (G-APVG) and Auster J-5L Aiglet Trainer (LB323/G-AHSD CofA withdrawn 1962).
Left to right: Beagle D.5/180 Husky T.1 (XW635) and TW519: Auster AOP.5 (TW519 'AO-R' registered G-ANHX).
Left to right: Auster AOP.9 (XP241 registered G-CEHR) and based at Spanhoe.