The de Havilland Moth Club
23rd International Moth Rally
Woburn Abbey
August 18-19, 2003
77 'Moths' of various types graced this attractive Wobern Abbey grass airfield over the weekend of the de Havilland Moth Club's 23rd International Moth Rally. It was not just a day of Tiger Moths but a number of other de Havilland types included a Dragonfly, a Dragon Rapide, a Heron and 33 Chipmunks.

The DH Moth Club currently represents the following de Havilland types; DH.51, DH.53 Hummingbird, DH.60 Moth, DH.80 Puss Moth, DH.82 Tiger Moth, DH.83 Fox Moth, DH.84 Dragon, DH.85 Leopard Moth, DH.86, DH.87 Hornet Moth, DH.88 Comet, DH.89 Dragon Rapide, DH.90 Dragon and the DH.94 Moth Minor. Many of these types were represented at the fly-in.

Twenty or more trophies and cups were awarded for such things as; best of each type, youngest pilot, spot landing, most recent restoration and best owner restored aircraft. The 'Tavistock Trophy' was awarded by The Dowager Duchess of Bedford, to Kenneth Fraser's DH.83 Fox Moth, G-AOJH.

Modern 'tins' which would spoil the period look are excluded, however other welcome visitors included; a 1932 Blackburn B2, a German registered Focke-Wulf 44 Stieglitz, a Miles Magister and even a helicopter in the shape of a SARO Skeeter. The Skeeter was invited as it is powered by a Gipsy Major engine.

The flying was constant throughout the weekend, most of the visitors arrived on the Saturday and some of the pilots even camped over-night.
Every year Woburn Abbey hosts the de Havilland Moth Club's International Moth Rally and this year's event, the 23rd, was up with the best of them.
Left to right: Photographs taken here often only have parkland in the background and so the images could easily be mistaken for photographs taken up to 70 or 80 years ago
I  had 7 of my images published in this issue with the Woburn 2003 feature and a special thank you must to Stuart McKay, editor of 'The Moth', for passing on my details to interested pilots of my photographs.
de Havilland Moth Rally
I made the front cover of this issue of 'The Moth'  with this shot of Moth Minor G-AFPN. The caption was; 'Front Cover. As straight as a die and firmly on the ground assisted by the big airbrake, with a touch of right aileron to counter the crosswind. The Davy family DH94 Moth Minor G-AFPN wheels-in at Woburn 2003 where she was active throughout the weekend'. Again thank you to Stuart McKay for his assistance.
Moth Minor G-AFPN
Left: Star of the show was the DH.84 Dragon flown by Torquill Norman. G-ECAN was restored by Hants Light Plane Services and flew for the first time on 29th May 2003. Woburn was the Dragon's first flight from its home base at Chilbolton. Right: DH90 Dragonfly (G-AEDU).
DH.82A Tiger Moths (G-AHLT, G-AJVE, G-BWVT and G-ANJD).
DH.82A Tiger Moths (G-ACDJ, G-APLU, G-AZGZ and G-AGEG).
DH.82A Tiger Moths (G-ANFM, G-ATBL and G-ARAZ) and Blackburn B2 (G-AEBJ).
DH-60 Moths (G-AAMY, G-EBLV and G-AAHY).
DH.82A Tiger Moths (T-5879, G-BWVT and D-ESPS) and Thruxton Jackeroo (G-ANZT).
DH.82A Tiger Moths (G-AIDS, G-AMHF, HB-UPY/T-6991 and ?)
DH.82A Tiger Moths (T-6562, R-5136, G-AZZZ and G-BWVT).
DH.85 Leopard Moth (G-ACUS) DH.80A Puss Moth (G-AAZP), DH.87B Hornet Moths (G-AELO and G-ADKC).
DHC.1 Chipmunks (1377 ex Portuguese Air Force and WP800 '2' registered G-BCXN).