Photographic Portfolio of 2007
Images and photographic notes of my successes for the year

Each year I like to produce a collection of my best and favourite images. I will try and explain why I like them, and how I came to get the image, with camera settings and technique employed. Some will have been published in books and magazines and possibly in conjunction with features, so you can say those were also chosen by the editor in question. I hope you like my work from 2007. I was still using a Canon EOS 20D camera throughout 2007 soon to upgrade though.......
Portfolios by Category

Air to air portfolio
- click here for more images and reports.
Spitfire Vb (AB910 'RF-D') of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight over Lincolnshire with Al Pinner at the controls.
The highlight of the year was working with the wonderful Polly Vacher on her 'Wings Around Britain' fund raising and charity awareness tour, see Flying with Polly Vacher. We flew with the Army Air Corps display team, see Flying with the Blue Eagles, the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, see Flying with the BBMF and the Red Arrows.
The images were shot though either the perspex window of Polly's Cherokee or the open door of an AAC Gazelle.
Covering the Italian Air Force's 'Spring Flag 07' (SF07) exercise at Decimomannu on Sardinia for Rivista Aeronautica and Air International was very rewarding. 
Spring Flag 2007 and RAF VC-10 Spring Flag deployment.
Air Forces Monthly July and August. As a bi-product of SF07 was my report on Spring Flag 2007 Special Schemes, extraordinary co-operation with aircrew resulted in some very special images, literally.
101 Squadron's 90th Anniversary This special photo shoot was setup specially to get some shots of the special '101 Squadron 90th Anniversary' painted VC-10. This shot was taken from the cockpit side window shortly before returning to Brize Norton.

Flying with NATO's E-3As
  Flying with the Air National Guard gave me the opportunity to get some great shots of two NATO E-3As in perfect conditions.

3(F) Squadron Typhoon F.2 (ZJ929 'QO-A') using callsign 'Tyrant 32' over North Sea (AARA 6) in April 2007.
Low-level flying portfolio - click here for more images and reports.
The Big Cat Diary - The last year of the Jaguar with 6 Squadron RAF. By OC 6 Squadron to it's retirement on April 30, 2007. 
All aviation photographers were keen to get shots of Jaguars in their final year. Missions and deployments of 6 Squadron were noted and with 'help' and rumours I was able to capture some of my best ever shots of the Jaguar. In the final days 6 Squadron flew a number of low-level sorties, the image above was taken in mid-Wales and with afterburners (or reheat) is a very special shot. It was selected by Wg Cdr John Sullivan for his book, 'The Big Cat Diary' (above). See also Jaguars Retire

The front cover of AOPA General Aviation magazine Feature on low-level flying, 'What the hell was that? How to avoid fast jets'
Tornado GR.4A (ZA400 '011') still in 'Operation Telic' markings, 4 FTS Hawk T.1, Tornado F.3 (ZE755 YL') and Typhoon F.2 (ZJ919 'DC') in 11 Squadron markings.

Airports of the World Magazine November/December 2007 for article 'UK Airspace, making space for flight'
Air International December 2007 for article 'Tornado F.3 - At its peak'
13 Squadron Official Postcards
The above images were chosen by 13 Squadron for their official squadron postcards. I was very happy to provide 'Chappers'  with three of my low-level images.

Some of my favourite low-level images of 2007
Harrier GR.9 (ZD379 '27'),
Alpha Jet (ZJ646) operated by DPA/AFD/QinetiQ at Boscombe Down.
Fairchild A-10A Thunderbolt II (81-0988 'SP') of 52nd FW, 81st FS normally based at Spangdahlem in Germany but deployed to RAF Lakenheath.
Hawk T.1A (XX220) of 208(R) Squadron,
Tornado GR.4 (ZG775 '134') in 12 Squadron colours but using callsign 'Marham 31'.
Tornado GR.4A (ZA400 '011') still in 'Operation Telic' markings,
Jaguar T.4 (XX840 'EY') callsign 'Tempest 2' low-level flying in Wales.
Harrier GR.9 (ZG506 '77') in 20(R) Squadron colours.
On base portfolio - I visited a number of bases in 2007, click here for more images and reports.
Exercise Spring Flag 2007 at Decimomannu, Sardinia May 17-18 for Air International July 2007.
Turkish Air Force F-16C Fighting Falcons (89-0031) are last to return after a 'red air' bombing sortie.
Six AMX/AMX-T of 13° Gruppo, 32° Stormo during air to air refuelling with RAF VC-10 and following the simulated attack on Trapani. 
JAS39 EBS HU Gripen (43).
AV-8B Harrier (MM7221 'I-15') returning to Decimo' after a 70 minute sortie.
AMI Tornado ECR (MM7021 '50-01') with 'shark mouth' markings of 155° Gruppo of 50° Stormo.

Air International September 2007 Italian Typhoons 'Italy on Typhoon Alert'.
Air Forces Monthly February 2007 and Air International January 2007 - Images and text for 'Double Romanian Air Force Tragedies'.
'Dust Devils Deactivated' for Skycontrol (December 2007).
RAF Lakenheath for Rivista Aeronautica (2-2007).
6 Squadron Jaguars Retire RAF Coningsby, April 2007.

Photography at Meiringen 'One of the most photogenic airfields in Europe', Switzerland 2003 to 2007.

Exercise ELITE 2007 Lechfeld, Germany June 2007.
Air shows portfolio - I covered a number of fantastic air shows in 2007, click here for more images and reports.
Images for Loop Magazine (August 2007).
Images for Loop Magazine (July 2007).
The 2008 de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver Calendar. My image of the DHC-2 Beaver AL.1 of the Army Air Corps Historic Flight arriving at Woburn Abbey for the de Havilland Moth Club, 25th International Moth Rally in 2005, made 'Miss August'.

Axalp Air Power DemonstrationShadows and Light Switzerland.

Association Jean-Baptiste Salis Air Meeting Cerny - La Ferte-Alais, France.